In the Berry Beginning...
there was a coffee shop in Ballito!


Gramps had a dream of tranquility, of welcome home, kick your shoes off
and stay a while... The forest was the perfect setting for this “time out” place and so
began the exciting adventure of building a dream... The Waterberry.

We opened in May 2003. A wooden building perched on the ponds edge was lovingly
constructed by Peter’s family. The forest was shaken down of the alien vegetation that had begun
to take over, spruced up, trimmed and tidied to reveal a very beautiful, enchanted, piece of perfection,
right in the middle of town. We began to crawl through our first season nervously seeing to our customers,
creating their meals, producing their cappuccinos - never realising how popular this little dream would become.
The months that followed were wonderfully busy, at times quite daunting and thoroughly enjoyable.

At the end of our first December season, the Powers that be deemed it necessary that we rethink and take stock
and rest our weary bones and so just after closing on a windless, cloudy evening in January the huge
Waterberry tree came crashing down over the deck, through the roof of the coffee shop. God had his hand
in this one, as none of the equipment was damaged. Infact, we were talking about redesigning the deck
so this gave us the nudge we needed - perfect timing...